明州中美联谊会(CAAM)关于开始受理2020-2021学年度CAAM-Stanley Chong奖学金申请的通告

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值此辞旧迎新、苦中作乐,因着新冠疫苗的全面开打、全球抗疫形势展现一缕曙光之际,由我们明州中美联谊会(Chinese American Association of Minnesota, CAAM)主办发放的2020-2021学年度CAAM-Stanley Chong 奖学金申请及评定通告在众多学子们的翘首期盼中终于上线了(https://www.caam.org/scholarships/)!  因受COVID-19疫情和联谊会本年度预算的严重影响,我们不得不对本届奖学金的申请时间、条件和发放范围作了相应调整,敬请有孩子打算申请的家长们注意,务必在申请前仔细阅读有关细则。

去年一共有19位申请者获奖, 奖学金从6000美元到2000美元不等。其中的一、二、三等奖获得者都曾是CAAM Chinese Dancer Theater(CAAM CDT, CAAM中国舞蹈学校)的学生。这些获奖者现分别在耶鲁大学、哥伦比亚大学、康奈尔大学、斯坦福大学、西北大学、爱默里大学、纽约大学、南加州大学、密歇根大学、威斯康星大学、明尼苏达大学等高校深造。


去年的一等奖获得者 Ana J. Dolny

去年的二等奖获得者 Aunika Zheng

去年的三等奖获得者 Leora Derechin


CAAM Scholarship Committee


Detail Information for Scholarship Application posted on https://www.caam.org/scholarships/

Merit and need-based scholarships for individuals of Chinese descent for undergraduate college tuition.

Application Deadline for school year 2020-2021:January 31st, 2021

An applicant must be:1. of Chinese descent,
2. a resident of Minnesota and American citizen/permanent resident,
3. applicant must agree and promote CAAM’s mission,
4. applicant and/or family have actively participated in CAAM-organized events in the past six years,
5. senior in high school for the 2020-2021 year, with unweighted accumulated GPA 3.5 or above,
6. have not received this scholarship previously,
7. for need-based applicants, with unweighted accumulated GPA 3.0 or above, must provide FAFSA or the latest 3-year Federal Tax Return.
Please read the above part carefully before you start to prepare the application.

Evaluation Criteria
1. Applicants must meet all the eligibility requirements listed above.
2. Applicants will be evaluated on their academic records, including extracurriculums, leadership qualities, and community service, including both CAAM and other community service experiences.
3. Failure to maintain acceptable academic performance and exemplary behavior throughout the school year may result in the revocation of the scholarship.
4. For this year, an individual’s special contribution in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic will be considered.
Application Checklist
1. Application form must be typed (handwriting is not acceptable).
2. Applicant needs to provide a Cover Letter, three Letters of Recommendation: at least one from a teacher of recent academic years and a mentor or advisor.
3. Applicant needs to provide the latest transcript from the most recent school attended.
4. Any proofs showing your participation of CAAM events or other community services are welcomed.
5. All materials must be submitted by email or postmarked no later than January 31st, 2021 for the 2020-2021 school year.
Note: Incomplete application will NOT be considered.

Application Form
Download the scholarship application form here (MS Word) or (PDF).

How and Where to Submit Application Materials
The application materials are preferred to be submitted by email to:

Or submitted by mail to:
CAAM Scholarship Program
Chinese American Association of Minnesota
P. O. Box 582584,
Minneapolis, MN 55458-2584

Application Deadline:January 31st, 2021

The status of the scholarship application will be notified to each applicant shortly after the application deadline and reviewed, respectively.
Scholarship Recipients are encouraged to attend CAAM’s Recognition Ceremony in July or August, 2021.
Recipients will provide CAAM with a one-page biography about what goal or aspiration you hope to achieve with the help of the CAAM-Stanley Chong Scholarship. This biography will accompany the announcement during this year’s Recognition Ceremony.
Recipients will automatically become a member of CAAM with good standing after turning 18 years old.


Scholarship Recipients in the School Year of 2019-2020:

SN English Name  Chinese Name High School
1 Andrew Cheng 程康瑞 East Ridge High School
2 Leora Derechin N/A Hopkins High School
3 Ana J. Dolny 佳欢 Washburn High School
4 Kevin Gao 高乐 Eden Prairie High School
5 Natalie Ku 辜晨歆 Wayzata High School
6 Brian Lin 林训生 Wayzata High School
7 Matthew Liu 刘浩文 Mounds View High School
8 Daniel Ren 任卓航 Lakeville Noth High School
9 Xinze Tan 谭欣泽 Wayzata High School
10 Jiayang Tang 唐嘉阳 Eagan High School
11 Amy Wang 王艾米 Edina High School
12 Iris Xu Wang N/A Wayzata High School
13 Emily Yang 杨乐颖 Wayzata High School
14 Lucy Yang 杨璐 Edina High School
15 Xinyue Yin 尹欣悦 Minnetonka High School
16 Mina Zhang 张明娜 Wayzata High School
17 Shihang Zhang 张世航 Irondale High School
18 Tony Zhang 张海潮 Blaine High School
19 Aunika Zheng 郑雨沁 Mounds View High School


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